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   Lantern aims to thoroughly analyze and annotate lncRNAs on multiple levels using robust computational approaches. Lantern employs a swift integration of Application Programming Interface (API) and established tools and resources to extract most recent and relevant lncRNA annotations. The ontology annotations available on Lantern were extracted by a semi-automated pipeline which leverages on the potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP), by using it to mine recent lncRNA literature. The extracted ontology annotations are benchmarked against manually curated gold standard lncRNA annotation resource. Lantern also houses lncRNA annotations across a range of omics data, which provide extensive insights over lncRNA’s role from a fundamental level, as cellular functions, to an empirical scale such as tissue level. Information such as: which RNA Binding Proteins (RBPs) have been recorded to interact with lncRNAs, which proteins co-express with lncRNAs, which tissues are more representative of which lncRNAs, sub-cellular expression of lncRNAs and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in lncRNAs can essentially enable the exploration of functionality of lncRNAs and their impact in translational research. Lantern attempts to pervade this void with robust and up to date lncRNA annotations.

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Daulatabad, S.V., Srivastava, R. & Janga, S.C. Lantern: an integrative repository of functional annotations for lncRNAs in the human genome. BMC Bioinformatics 22, 279 (2021).